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About Studio Engine Werx


Studio Engine Werx was started to allow the owner Steve Choquette to do uncompromising work. “I started this company as a way to do what I like to do.”

Steve has worked at, owned and managed companies with as many as 60 Technicians and 5 Supervisors. His vision has always been to have a small shop near his home where he could spend his days doing engine machine work as a passion rather than a large corporate obligation.

“I started doing engine machine work way back in 1985 and apprenticed under the likes of Steve Harwood at Engine Rebuilders of Northglenn [RIP] and have had mentors along the way which helped me improve my engine building skills. Guys like Ray Marini [Marini Diesel], Warren & Kurt Johnson [WJE] and Steve Lewis [All Pro Automotive Machine].”

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Steve is committed to providing quality machine work and is fully equipped to manage any engine machine needs from Cylinder Head and block work to in-house Crankshaft grinding. “I’m comfortable doing all manner of engine work and can do anything from small motorcycle engine work to 700 cubic inch race engines.”

Studio Engine Werx is dedicated to the Performance Engine Building Industry. Our 30 year engine machining experience allows us to provide the highest quality repairs.

Preserving the art of Engine Machining & Rebuilding in Colorado

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