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Motorcycle & Powersports Engine Services

Our core repairs include…

Cylinder Head operations; valve jobs, valve seat and guide replacement, custom valve seat & valve angles available, Surface milling, Porting and polishing, Cylinder boring and honing, Aluminum Cylinder Head welding repairs, Crankshaft grinding and polishing with balancing capabilities.

Don’t forget to include us in your parts research. Due to our volume we get superior pricing and we always pass that on to our customers

Due to the time consuming nature needed to properly provide exceptional service on your Motorcycle or Power sport Engine, cost will be offered at an hourly rate of $110.00/hr on all services.

Minimum of 2 hours. (Parts not included).

After purchasing time required to complete your needed services;

any remaining time not used, will be refunded back to you.

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Preserving the art of Engine Machining & Rebuilding in Colorado

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