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Automotive Engine Services

Our core repairs include…

Cylinder Head operations; valve jobs, valve seat and guide replacement, custom valve seat & valve angles available, Surface milling, Porting and polishing, Cylinder boring and honing, Aluminum Cylinder Head welding repairs, Crankshaft grinding and polishing with balancing capabilities.

Don’t forget to include us in your parts research. Due to our volume we get superior pricing and we always pass that on to our customers

  • Component Washing
    Every component is scrubbed, solvent brushed and washed in a 200 degree jet washer until clean. Our goal is to provide a clean foundation which to work from, guaranteeing you the best build outcome. In the last 10 years, with the ever increasing move to Direct Injection, we pride ourselves in removing all internal carbon and scale. SEW also employs Ultrasonic cleaning for smaller parts. We are in the process of selecting and purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner which will allow block submersion.
  • Engine Teardown/Inspection
    This process allows us to inspect and process accurately what your machining needs are. Allowing us to do this operation (Op) will allow us to better serve your build needs.

*Minimum Shop Charge: $50.00

*Labor Pricing Only

*Pickup & Delivery Available

*Prices & Estimates are Subject to Change

The Art of Building Horsepower
in Colorado

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